How to Keep a Newborn Awake During The Daytime

How to Keep a Newborn Awake During The DaytimeKeeping a newborn baby happy and calm is one of the key factors to their success as a baby. Babies are curious creatures and are more likely to cry when separated from their parents, or if they are not receiving proper care and attention. But parents need to remember that, although babies do need attention, they do not need two hours of it every night! So while you’re trying to keep a newborn awake you should also try and make sure he’s getting plenty of rest during the day too, to ensure that he is fresh when you return for another round of sleep!How to Keep a Newborn Awake

How can you make sure your little one is getting the rest he needs? Well, try to make sure that his sleeping environment, both in and out is comfortable. If his sleeping area is cool and moist, he will be less likely to sleep well at night, and you run the risk of waking up with a colicky baby! If the room is too hot, he may refuse to sleep there, and it’s important to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Some babies have trouble sleeping when the room temperature is too cold, so if this applies to your child, make sure to keep the room nice and toasty.Newborn baby

Getting your newborn used to sleeping soundly during the night is the first and most important step towards keeping him happy and healthy through the first year of life. This early foundation gives him the security of knowing that he will be safe and secure when you are away from him. Try and set a good example of how you like to be treated when you are away, by having a bedtime routine, or setting a bedtime alarm. This helps him to associate going to bed with going to sleep and getting well, and this pattern of routine is the cornerstone of any good baby’s sleep routines – it is these early experiences that keep a newborn awake at night!

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