iPhone Versions of the Best Baby Monitors Offer Great Features

iPhone Versions of the Best Baby Monitors Offer Great FeaturesDo you know about the best baby monitors? One of the coolest features I found on the baby monitor with Vrigor is the ability to see when a baby is “rolling over”. I think this is a great feature as it means you don’t have to keep an eye on your infant while they are at risk for SIDS. However, I also found that the feature was not available on the iPhone version – but this is because only one person uses the camera at a time – meaning one person only uses the smartphone app to see if the baby is rolling over. Obviously the iPhone just isn’t powerful enough to capture the motion on a bigger screen, so you will need to use the camera wirelessly instead.iPhone Versions of the Best Baby Monitors

The reason this works so well is that most baby monitors allow you to set up different alerts based on different things, including “roll over” and “sudden infant death syndrome”. The “SIDS” alert is great as it can instantly send an alert to your doctor. The other two alerts work on the same basic concept – the heart rate monitor sends out an alert when your baby’s heart rate falls below a certain point. The problem is that it is difficult to know when your baby is “rolling over” or having a SIDS attack – which is why the iPhone heart rate monitor allows you to see if your baby is in danger.Best Baby Monitors

One final feature that might not be very useful is the ability to play soothing music during the viewing. The best baby monitors offer this, however it is not always available. Some only offer the option to listen to recorded relaxing music, whilst others only play audio from calming nature videos. I suspect the latter would be the best option, as it would mean you could play music of any length without worrying about your child watching it. Use one of the best baby monitors available to give you a piece of mind with your little one.

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