Planning Your First Steps With Baby Walking

Baby WalkingStart planning your first steps with baby walking. While you might have already heard about this super-precious little 6-month-old baby who can take the shopping malls by storm, most infants typically hit the walking mile milestone a little later, between nine and eighteen months. If you’re among those parents who think your baby is too young to enjoy the joys of walking or the peace and quiet of a stroll around the block, it’s time to let go of that notion and give baby walking a try. Many doctors recommend starting walking with baby in the early months, because the child is more susceptible to walking and stroller-based walking helps develop gross motor skills. It also helps develop babies’ self-confidence. If your baby has never been walking before, take some time to practice and pick up some tips on baby walking from moms who’ve had successful experiences. But if you’ve always wanted to get your baby out into the fresh air and the rhythms of nature, now is the best time!Planning Your First Steps With Baby Walking

When you do start baby walking (don’t worry, he or she will usually follow the lead of your hand), be sure to keep your baby well supported and protected at all times. Baby may want to take a few extra steps in the beginning, but don’t take them too far ahead of their pace. Some baby walkers are made with special grippers around the soles of the feet to prevent slipping, so you may want to look for one of these models. Other baby walkers are made of rubber soles that will not wear down or wear away.First Steps With Baby Walking

When you’re first steps into baby walking, take your time and be patient. You may find that you need to pick up several baby essentials to make the whole thing easier, like a baby stroller or a special pair of baby walking shoes. There are a number of accessories available, including a baby carriage, a swing, an umbrella, and more. Be sure you shop around before you buy any of them to be sure you get just the right ones for your needs and the size of your baby. And as always, be sure to check out a baby walker’s reviews before you buy it.